You made it!

I'm so glad you're here! I'm Maddie, the owner of Gracie Mae Boutique. The inspiration being my daughter, Gracie. Gracie is the light of my life, and is a true miracle baby! It took her 4 years to get here, and SHE is the reason I started this boutique. SHE is my why and I love her zest for life!

Gracie actually means: "often found skipping around happily."

Our goal at Gracie Mae is to help you feel confident, beautiful, and "skip around happily" in your new clothes! We hope you find something you love and feel great in!



-man behind the scenes. gave me a nasty concussion on our first date playing Wallyball. guess he was meant to take care of me, HAHA.

-We've been married for 8 years

- we love razor riding, smoking meat, playing volleyball, laughing together, snuggling and watching funny movies, and eating way too much food.

-We try to live life to the fullest and believe that LOVE can move mountains.


-4.5 years old

-spunkiest, craziest, most hilarious girl you'll ever meet


-1.5 years old

-Mr. Needy is his nickname

-Has an amazing belly laugh


-was our first baby

- has gotten us through some pretty rough things in our life


We love our customers and we hope you find some clothes you'll love, and that'll help you "skip around happily!"

Thank you for shopping with our family! It means the world to us.


Maddie, Tanner, Gracie, & Carson

 We hope these photos give you a glimpse into this crazy fun thing we like to call, life!